06 Jul

The existence and capability of midwives in Indonesia is not good enough in the public society’s perception. Maybe this condition is due to many malpractice of midwives. Although like that, according to the data normal  labor process in the city that use midwive’s services is 61.8 percent, medical woman midwives 19.9 percent, doctor 3.6 percent, and obgyn’s doctor 13.6 percent. In the village, use midwive’s services 49.7 percent medical woman midwives 41.6 percent, doctor 0.9 percent, and obgyn’s doctor 4.6 percent. From that data, we can conclude that midwives is the most selected person to help mother’s normal labor.  Indonesian’s midwives union (IBI) say that , now a days Indonesian’s midwives is about 104.000.  whereas in Indonesia need 200.000 midwives. From that two fact, not only the quantity of midwives that need to add but also  the capability academic and competition of Indonesian midwives is need upgrading is the more important thing. It  can be by reached the education’s level from vocational to bachelor of midwives. Because of the educational’s level can influence the service quality of public society health of Indonesia.

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Posted by on July 6, 2010 in aBoUt InDoNeSiAn MiDwIvEs


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